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Perfect Choice Music rocks! Talented songwriters and musicians combined with a complete understanding of what an editor wants from a music library, makes Perfect Choice, my first choice for every type of project.

The full rich sound of real instruments played by real musicians, impresses me every time. My favorite thing about their library is that they include mulitple sub mixes, various lengths and stingers for each of their tracks, when you buy their production package. This gives me a ton of options and allows me to use their music to really help tell the story. My clients and I both recognize the quality and value that Perfect Choice offers.

-Jeff Schwartz President - EditHead, LLC

Our Custom Services Have Fans!

Andy, it is always great working with such a fine artist as yourself...that is why I continue to come back again and again for collaboration with you! There are few musicians whom I have come across, who can understand the feel of contemporary movement for dance and make it inspire as you do. You are truly an anointed artist who has been blessed with such a gift! Thanks for being an inspiration and a friend to the dance community and the arts community at large.

-Randy Duncan

Choreographer/Board Member Dance For Life Chicago

Al and Andy have been instrumental in the development of our signature sound. We have leveraged both their creative and technical expertise,including concepting and creating jingles and also optimizing our studio output. We continue to work with Al and Andy and are glad they are part of our team.

-Rivet News Radio

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