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Thank you so much for checking out our music. This library represents the work of a small but diverse group of composers. We really love what we do and we hope that you will be able to hear it in our tracks. Principal composers and producers, Al Jewer and Andy Mitran, mix and master every cue. We believe that this gives us a consistent sonic and compositional quality you can depend on. Our mixes sound great and will work across all media. We want to make it easy for you to use our music, so here's the deal.

How It Works

There are two ways of licensing each cue. The first is to license the full mix only for $159.00. The second is to license the entire production package for $229.00, which includes alternate mixes, bumpers and stingers. Most editors we talk to tell us that they love the production packages because they're fast and easy to use. Editing music is unnecessary. This is a one time synchronization fee. You will incur no further expenses and pay no further royalties for your project. You can use this music across all media.

Collections and Singles

We want to make it easy for our clients to license music and we've heard from them that they often need multiple tracks in the same style so we've added Collections. When you license a Collection for $289.00, you'll get 10 full mixes in a specific style or genre at a fraction of the cost of licensing them separately.
Every once in a while, you may run across a cut which is only available in a full mix. These cuts are Singles and can only be licensed at the $159.00 fee.

Additional synchronization fees may be required for feature films, video games, movie trailers, and commercially released products in volumes greater than five thousand. For more details please refer to our license agreement. For broadcast use, you are required to submit a cue sheet. Thank you for listening. Let's make some great music together!

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